Why You Should 3D Print Soft Jaws Instead of Machining Workholding Parts

Many manufacturing companies around the globe rely on Markforged 3D printed composite parts for tooling and fixturing, due to their high strength, high surface quality, and quick turnaround time. Join us for a live webinar as we highlight one of many tooling and fixtures applications where 3D printing can improve your manufacturing and assembly processes — soft jaws.

Soft jaws are nearly universal in the CNC world and are required to fabricate all but the most rudimentary parts. Content Engineer Daniel Leong will give an introduction to 3D printed soft jaws and demonstrate how printed carbon fiber parts from Markforged can replace machined aluminum parts.

Register for webcast recording today to learn about use cases, implementation, and the unique advantages and benefits that Markforged parts can bring to your production line.


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