How In-House 3D Printing Reduces Costs 10X for a Crash Test Dummy Manufacturer

Humanetics designs and manufactures the most technologically advanced crash test dummies in the world. Find out why they chose a Markforged X7 composite 3D printer to fabricate Kevlar reinforced parts for their dummies and custom tooling.

Join us for a conversation with Kris Sullenberger, Senior Design Engineer and 3D Print Manager from Humanetics, as he shares his 12 years of experience with 3D printing and how he’s cut time and cost by utilizing his Markforged X7 to print a wide variety of parts:

• Fiber-reinforced end-use parts for Humanetics crash test dummies
• Replacement of silicone thermoset molds for longer lifecycles and lower costs
• Lightweighting of large ergonomic assembly fixtures

Watch the on-demand webinar and hear how Humanetics is able to shave off thousands of dollars through the integration of 3D printing into their current design and manufacturing workflows.

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