"We have been using Markforged 3D printers for over a year. The print quality is excellent and the production is very reliable. They have been an excellent ROI for our company."
"Our Markforged 3D printer has been pivotal in simplifying our production. We have been able to replace traditional CNC machined sensor brackets and motor mounts with printed carbon fiber parts from the printer."
industrial printer

Industrial Printing

X Series : Strength, Quality, and Surface Finish. No Compromise.


• All the benefits of incredibly strong, lightweight parts

Engineering Composite Printers

Combine Markforged’s unique continuous carbon fiber reinforcement with workhorse reliability for the strongest, most versatile parts.
mark printer
X5 Industrial

Metal X Printers

The Metal X 3D printer is a end to end manufacturing solution for metal parts. The Metal X is up to 10 times less expensive than alternative additive manufacturing solutions and up to 100 times less expensive than traditional fabrication technologies like machining or casting.

3D Printing Services Made Easy

Need help with easier industrial solutions? We are experts!

about us

KELCOM has been providing 50 years of customer service

KELCOM 3D Division provides sales & Service of Markforged 3D Engineering, Industrial & Production Printers. We offer a wide range of materials from Stainless Steel, super alloys to composites with Carbon fiber, Kevlar & Fiberglass. We also offer in house 3D Print services to help you manufacture your complex parts or design quickly and affordable.

Metal X

Introducing The Metal X A Breakthrough In Metal 3D Printing


Scaling Metal 3D Printing

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